About EMI

About EMI

The Event Marketing Institute (EMI) is a membership-based information resource for event professionals. Through comprehensive education, research, and analysis related to emerging trends and insights into event marketing strategy, EMI helps members overcome the challenges posed by today’s fragmented media environment and utilize live marketing to drive accountable and profitable business results.

EMI provides members with the most focused and high-value access to rich content, information resources, and an ever-growing library of exclusive productivity tools designed to help our members make better decisions and improve their work process.
We invite you to become a member and begin enjoying immediate access to the world’s richest source of event trends, tools, and training.

EMI is powered by Red 7 Media, the world’s largest producer of event industry content and community via its leading media brands -Event Marketer, Event Design, Best Events, and EXPO magazines.

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Event Marketing Management is NOT an extension of the traditional marketing services function. It is an evolving specialty within both corporations and agencies alike that is becoming a strategic discipline that requires its own curriculum and toolset, and represents important knowledge for every marketing professional. EMI Membership is an important resource for:

  • Brand-side marketing managers, event marketing executives, trade show/exhibit managers, meeting planners and procurement executives who are looking to ensure that their events deliver against measurable business objectives.
  • Agency-side executive managers, account managers, and operations executives who need to be ahead of the curve on trends and issues, and also want to gain a competitive edge by accessing the tools and resources offered by EMI to assist in presentations, budget justification, and internal education and training.
  • Supplier-side top management and client service managers who want to better understand the needs of their end customers.
  • Fast-track leaders at any company who are employing (or want to employ) the best and most-informed live marketing strategies to ensure their marketing programs create the best possible results.

Success belongs to marketers with innovative ideas, strategic knowledge, and operational expertise. We invite you to learn, share and grow your career and your company’s results with EMI’s suite of comprehensive resources, and join our active membership community.

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