What is EMI?
The Event Marketing Institute is the world’s leading and largest provider of research, data and tools on experiential marketing. CMOs, event departments and marketing teams across the Fortune 1000 as well as leading marketing agencies from around the world subscribe annually to receive:

DATA. Experiential Intelligence Reports. The only reports in the world of their kind, our EIR’s deliver unprecedented data across key experiential marketing areas. Each year, subscribers receive four EIRs that monitor, measure and report on Industry Spending, Measurement & Metrics Benchmarks, Industry Costs and more.

RESEARCH. EventTrack. The world’s largest annual research on experiential marketing offers insights and benchmarks on the use of experiential marketing. Unique is its “Split Ecosystem” format: Two complete, separate surveys are issued—one to brand marketers and one to consumers—they’re then combined to provide critical insights on the value, impact and state of experiential marketing.

ACCESS. Exclusive discounts and invites to industry learning events include buy-one-get-one registration specials at The Experiential Marketing Summit, discounts to EventTech and additional invites to local and regional information events.

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Who Should Join?
Event marketing management is NOT an extension of the traditional marketing services function. It is an evolving specialty within both corporations and agencies alike that is becoming a strategic discipline that requires its own curriculum and toolset, and represents important knowledge for every marketing professional. EMI Membership is an important resource for:

  • Brand-side marketers, group marketing directors, event managers, tradeshow/exhibit managers, meeting planners and procurement executives
  • Agency-side senior executives, new business executives, account managers, and operations executives
  • Supplier-side top management and client services managers
  • Fast-track leaders at any company who are employing (or want to employ) the best and most-informed live marketing strategies to ensure their marketing programs create the best possible results

Success belongs to marketers with innovative ideas, strategic knowledge, and operational expertise. We invite you to learn, share and grow your career and your company’s results with EMI’s suite of comprehensive resources, and join our active membership community.

Need Help With Membership?
Call Kevin Ritch, Senior Director, Member Services at 203-852-5693, or email kritch@eventmarketing.com.