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EMI produces numerous members-only research reports each on topical subjects, including collaborative reports, quantitative and qualitative reports, and an annual Event Track study which unveils the impact of experiential marketing across consumers and brands. Our premium content helps enhance your professional career and elevate your event marketing initiatives.

DATA. Experiential Intelligence Reports. The only reports in the world of their kind, our EIR’s deliver unprecedented data across key experiential marketing areas. Each year, subscribers receive four EIRs that monitor, measure and report on Industry Spending, Measurement & Metrics Benchmarks, Industry Costs and more.

RESEARCH. EventTrack. The world’s largest annual research on experiential marketing offers insights and benchmarks on the use of experiential marketing. Unique is its “Split Ecosystem” format: Two complete, separate surveys are issued—one to brand marketers and one to consumers—they’re then combined to provide critical insights on the value, impact and state of experiential marketing.

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Reaching College Students
Not only are college students more mobile than ever, but they’re also more savvy to brand marketing than ever. Which means that brands looking to connect with them need to engage them on-campus, online and on their mobile devices and second screens.
EventTrack 2015
The Event Marketing Institute experiential marketing agency Mosaic released the fourth-annual EventTrack, the largest research on event marketing ever fielded. This year’s findings bring more than 200 exclusive insights, data points and new industry indicators.
Exhibition & Event Industry Labor Rates Study
The Labor Rate Survey tracks the advance order rates charged to corporate exhibitors in major U.S. and Canadian cities. The rate sources are general service contractors, show producers and vendor forms.The report is broken out in three sections:• U.S. Labor Rates by City
• U.S. Labor Rate National Averages 2013 to 2015 Comparisons
• Canadian Labor Rates by City

The Momentum of Mobile Event Apps
Mobile apps have become one of the fastest-growing areas in the event landscape, providing a powerful tool for improving event management, delivering information and content, capturing data and analytics, and fostering networking between attendees and sponsors.To analyze key trends in this area, CrowdCompass by Cvent and the Event Marketing Institute developed a groundbreaking benchmarking study to quantify how event marketers and producers are using—and will use—mobile apps.
2015 Viral Impact of Events Research
Event and experiential marketers are increasingly focused on making an impact beyond the live event. To assess this trend, FreemanXP and the Event Marketing Institute designed a groundbreaking study to analyze how top brands are extending the reach and visibility of their event and experiential programs. The report is the most ambitious look at the viral side of experiential marketing to date and features historic findings for both b-to-b and b-to-c marketers.
14 Ways To Get Food And Beverage Brands Into The College Market
College students keep strange hours and their busy lifestyle impacts their choice of food and beverage purchases. They want to consume food and beverage products that don’t slow them down and add value to their lives—from brands that cater to their on-the-go lifestyle. For the first time, a white paper dives into this segment. Download this complimentary white paper today and learn the 14 ingredients of best-in-class college programs.