Event Track 2013

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Learn important event and experiential benchmarks and best practices from the creators of Event Track 2013, the annual survey of marketers, agencies and consumers. Get key insights on the evolving integration of social media and technology into events, shopper marketing strategies, event measurement criteria, the impact of event participation on consumer purchases, event budget trends, and more.

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Kerry Smith, President, Event Marketing Institute

Jeff Stelmach, President, Mosaic Experiential Marketing

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Event Technology Outlook 2012

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The Event Marketing Institute (EMI) and Active Network present a webinar based on the EMI/Active Network Research Report – The Connected Event, Key Insights into 2012 Event Technology Trends. We’ll discuss the current state of event technology from the perspective of event owners and producers as well as corporate exhibitors and event marketers.

The focus of the webinar is on technology usage, best practices and benchmarks, as well as other insight around event technology. Outlined in the webinar:

• The most important technology areas and trends

• Technology purchase plans and usage

• The evolving role of social media

• Online event usage including virtual shows and webinars

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Michael Hughes, Managing Director of Research & Consulting, Event Marketing Institute

Cece Salomon-Lee, Director of Marketing, Active Network

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Event Track 2012: Key Trends & Insights

Broadcasted on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 – 2:00pm - Watch Now!

Be the first to hear the top insights from the groundbreaking EventTrack 2012 research report from the Event Marketing Institute and Mosaic. In this first-ever survey of brands, agencies, and consumers, we’ll share where and how marketers are investing in the live marketing space, where marketers and their agencies agree and differ on emerging trends, and the impact that live events have on consumer behavior. We’ll also discuss the important implications these findings have on your internal and external event management strategies.

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Kerry Smith, President, Event Marketing Institute

Kerry Smith is president of the Red 7 Media division of Access Intelligence, a business media and information company. Kerry founded Event Marketer Magazine in 2002 to serve the information needs of marketing executives using live events as a strategic component of their communications programs. The Event Marketing Institute was created in 2007 to provide research, trends, training and tools to members looking for data and business intelligence to support their decisions. Red 7 Media was named the fastest growing media company by INC Magazine in 2006 and 2007.

Michael Hughes, Managing Director of Research & Consulting, Red 7 Media

Michael Hughes serves as Managing Director of Research and Consulting for Red 7 Media, leading the media organization’s consulting division to enable leaders in the media, global event and trade show industries analyze data and information to make more informed business decisions. A 15 year veteran in the industry, Michael has expertise to provide syndicated and custom research and consulting to Red 7 Media’s client base, allowing them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Jeff Stelmach, SVP, Mosaic Experiential Marketing

Jeff has twenty plus years’ experience in brand-focused consumer marketing. He has spent these years leading integrated consumer promotion programs, directing award winning event and experiential marketing campaigns and building new marketing discipline capabilities within leading agencies in North America. Experiential program experience runs the spectrum from On-Premise and Mobile Tours to Shopper Marketing and Event Production, and almost everything in between.

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The Gen Y Way: New Rules for Connecting with the Super-Consumer

The Gen Y demographic has officially become the most sought-after consumer to market to, as well as the most difficult to connect with. As consumer lifestyles accelerate amid exponentially increasing marketing clutter, brands that don’t re-tune their experiences risk having the consumer tune out. In this most important Webinars on Gen Y. EMI, along with partner MKTG, unveils our first-ever research on thousands of Gen Y-ers, gauging how they connect and engage brands, what gets them to buy, and what their “new rules of engagement” are.

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Building The ROI-Driven Sponsorship Organization

Savvy marketers know that having a viable ROI process in place is critical to proving that your event marketing investments are worthwhile. It also helps save them from the chopping block.

In this Webinar, representatives from State Farm, the U.S. Air Force and Bank of America share their insights about what worked for them…and what didn’t.

If you’re having a tough time convincing YOUR powers-that-be that what you’re doing is working, tune in to hear how others did it successfully.

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Emerging Exhibit-Technology Trends

Emerging Exhibit-Technology Trends now seem to be focusing on the multi-user and multi-touch interactive touchscreen experiences and beyond.

In this Webinar, you’ll learn more about the user-driven technologies pushing the live events space forward, and how designers are leveraging them to take their clients’ environments to the next level.

Two industry leaders give us an inside look at immersive next-generation technologies, and show us where we’re headed in the realm of out-of-home interactive experiences.

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Cut the Fat, Build the Muscle: Portfolio Planning in the New Economy

The new economy and marketplace requires a re-thinking of nearly everything. A turbocharged approach to Portfolio Management is the shortest path to generating higher ROI from the event spend, combating pressure on budgets, and making event marketing irreplaceably relevant in a vastly changed environment.

In this Webinar, we’ll show you how to revamp your approach to managing your portfolio, including the right focus points, data, and the newest tools of the trade in this results-oriented seminar.

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Brand Ambassador REBOOT: The Expanding Role They Play in Even Execution

The role of the brand ambassador is evolving before our eyes. Their influence on your event’s success is expanding, and their networks can extend your event online. No longer can staffing be seen as the last element to consider in an event.

Staffers are now collecting data, acting as social media ambassadors, being positioned as influencers and more. This Webinar was developed to arm you with insights, questions and ideas for improving the performance and the effectiveness of your “feet on the street.”

In it we’ll look at:

* Top trends in utilizing Brand Ambassador

* Selecting and training event staffers

* Qualities to look for

* Pitfalls to avoid and lessons learned

* Extending events through event staff and their social networks

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Master the Emerging Hybrid Model: Profitability Blending Digital and Physical Experience

The digital space – both Web and mobile – has amplified the reach, scale, effectiveness and measurability of the traditional event-marketing model. But translating those new capabilities into greater profitability – without increasing budgets – requires a new approach to strategy, data, creative, design and much more. Today, we’ll hear from some experts on how to achieve that profitability.

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Tactical Social Media: The Do’s and Dont’s of Engaging Bloggers at Events

Getting a few of the right reporters to cover an event used to be good enough. But these days, companies are adding blogger-targeted experiences to their P.R. and event programs in order to give their message extra reach and credibility. Still, once bloggers are on site, it takes more than a swag bag to keep them tuned in. This social media Webinar will offer insights from two top bloggers on what they’re looking for in an event experience.

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